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The Perfect Solution For a Slippery Floor

The Perfect Solution For a Slippery Floor

A slippery floor is not only an issue that concerns the surface of the material but it is also a hazard to the safety of everyone who walks on it. Problems due to slipperiness are typical of areas in the proximity of water like bathrooms, pools, terraces, patios, and outdoors in general.

To solve problems due to a slippery floor there are different solutions but not all of them are ideal or recommended. There are on the market anti-slipping paints formulated to be applied on the surface of the floor. These paints can efficiently act on the slipperiness while highly affecting the look of the surface. Another alternative to the problem is the anty-slipping stripes, traditionally used on the stairs. These stripes are really effective and also really unaesthetic, attached to the surface of the floor they alter the look of the whole interior.

Faber’s ally against a slippery floor is SAFE FLOOR, the product acts on the slipperiness while maintaining the look of the surface.


SAFE FLOOR the solution to a slippery floor

SAFE FLOOR is a water-based anti-slipping treatment specifically formulated to increase the superficial grip of porcelain and ceramic tiles, granite, quartz, and siliceous materials. it eliminates all the problems of slipperiness that can occur on the surface without altering its appearance.


SAFE FLOOR It’s a unique product in his genre because it acts directly onto the surface on which it is applied, creating micro-erosions that are invisible to the eye. These micro-erosions enable us to channel the water flow as shown from the info-graphic, by doing so the water won’t lay on the surface anymore.

SAFE FLOOR It is Faber’s solution against a slippery floor, an incredible safety measure to adopt in order to decrease as much as we can the chance of slipping injuries occurring due to a slippery surface.

Watch the tutorial down below, our technician will guide you through the correct application of SAFE FLOOR.

For more information don’t hesitate to contact our customer service, and check out our shop!

Don’t slip on it!


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