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How to Clean Oil Stains from Tiles and Surfaces

How to Clean Oil Stains from Tiles and Surfaces

The unaesthetic oil stains on tiles are hard to remove with the traditional mass productive detergents no matter if the staining agent is cooking or engine oil.

The oil stain with its typical radial expansion needs to be treated with specific products and in a targeted way before proceeding with cleaning the whole surface.

How to clean oil stains from tiles: Oil & Grease Remover

OIL & GREASE REMOVER is a stain remover specific to extract oil stains from surfaces caused by the spilling of oily substances like cooking oil, oily residues of food, engine oil, lubricants, and fuel.


The product results are extremely effective also to remove stains caused by tar residues. The thick and creamy consistency of OIL & GREASE REMOVER increases the extractive efficiency of the product, enabling to remove even the deeper, old, and stubborn stains. Thanks to its thickness and grip on the surface the product is easy to apply also on vertical surfaces.

Oil & Grease Remover: The Steps



Apply Oil & Grease Remover straight onto the stain. Let the product act until it’s completely dry.


Remove the product from the surface using a scraper, scraping away gently the product.


Once the product has been removed rinse the area with plenty of water. Let the surface dry completely before evaluating the achieved result. If necessary apply the product again following the same steps as previously indicated.

Watch the video down below, one of our technicians will show you how to apply Oil & Grease Remover to clean oil stains from tiles:

For more information contact our customer service and visit our shop where you can find OIL & GREASE REMOVER e many other products to clean, protect, and maintain your surfaces.

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